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  • Between 23:55 and 00:05 (EET) at the bank rollover, liquidity is reduced, which can potentially lead to an increase both in the spread and the processing time for client orders.
  • Pending orders must be placed at least 0.5 spreads from the current price level on standard and nano accounts. Under certain circumstances, you may be required to place pending orders up to 2 spreads from the current price level.
  • The maximum order size, as well as the maximum total volume of open orders allowed for one subgroup of CFDs, is 25 lots.
  • For cryptocurrency CFDs, the maximum number of open orders (including pending orders) is 100, the maximum volume of one open position is 10 lots, and the maximum total volume across all open positions on instruments from this group is 10 lots.
  • You can find more information on how commission for pro.ecn.mt4 and ecn.mt5 accounts is calculated here.